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Rooting Android… Finally!

I've had my Xperia X10 for quite awhile now. In fact, since the day they first became available in Canada. I've wanted to root practically since the beginning -- the supposed ability to do so was one of my primary drivers in choosing an Android smartphone. Nevertheless, finding a distinct lack of custom ROM support for the X10 combined with relatively few non-ROM-flashing reasons to root, I've put it off over and over.

This evening though I finally got fed up enough with the bloatware on my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (running the stock Android 2.3.3 from Rogers in Canada) that I decided to root it. This is a brief chronicle of my experience, primarily for my own future reference. If it turns out to be useful to you too, then all the better.

Even though it thankfully turned out not to be necessary, I have to point out that the first thing I did was perform a backup of everything I could, using the Backup and Restore program.

With that out of the way, I followed DooMLoRD's instructions on xda-developers, downloading version 4 of his zergRush-based rootkit along with starquake64's bash script for Mac OS. Since I already had the Android Debug Bridge installed as part of the Android SDK, and had my phone set to allow USB debugging and installs from unknown sources, the shell script just ran without issue.

So far I've managed to free up a bit of internal space by finally moving some unused bloatware (Timescape, Postnote, Facebook, to name a few) to a backup folder on my SD card, based on a list of removable software (xda-developers again) and a suggestion from  the unofficial Xperia X10 blog. My next step was to install Titanium Backup Pro, which is uploading about 400 MB to Dropbox as I type. After that I'll keep working my way through lifehacker's guide to Titanium Backup, then hopefully on to more rooty goodness.

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