The online home of Michael S Underwood

Greetings! I'm Michael Underwood, a recent graduate of the Institute for Quantum Information Science at the University of Calgary.

I'm still in the early stages of setting up this site, so appearances and content are likely to change drastically. Glad you could stop by, but frankly I'm surprised you're here at all right now! Perhaps you'd like to contact me.

I am intrigued by the computational power of quantum walks. I am particularly interested in determining the limits of that power, with respect to the physical resources that would be required to implement a walking computer. Specifically, while quantum walks are universal for computation the only known recipes so far require exponential spatial resources.

Many other areas of physics interest me as well, including entanglement, quantum mechanics near black holes, and complexity theory. Unfortunately I don't find time for all of these things, but maybe one day...